Japanese Aichi Scissor Steel

December 09, 2020

Aichi Steel, what is it and where does it come from you ask? That’s easy, Aichi Steel, which also known as ‘Aichei’ is a high quality (440C) Japanese steel made in Japan of course. When it comes to buying your new pair of shears, it can be very overwhelming and very misleading as there is A LOT of false information on the internet these days. Which is why we have made it super easy for you to get all the correct information you need. You can find EXACTLY what is Aichi steel by clicking here!

Matsui Aichi Scissor Steel


If doing your research correctly (which is you reading this post now, we are also super happy you are getting the correct info from this article) Aichi steel comes from Japan hence the Japanese name ‘Aichi’ and have been around for an easy 80 years which makes it the most trusted steel on the market.

 Looking for the perfect Aichei scissor to add to your collection? Stuck on which to get? Below we have listed some of our favorites that can do no wrong! 

Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Offset Shear
The ever so elegant rose gold Aichei mountain scissor with its offset handle for the ultimate comfort while your cutting your day away, including the mountain blade to give the clean sharp cut time and time again.

Matsui Swarovski Elegance Limited Edition Scissor Thinner Combo

What's better than a single scissor? A combo obviously! Get the Matsui Swarovski Elegance scissor AND thinner in the one. Coming in the 5.5 inch or 6inch with the Swarovski detail and its light weight offset handle is the perfect combo for your collection.

Matsui Rainbow Refresh Set
Ready to upgrade your whole scissor set at once? Look no further than the Matsui Rainbow Refresh Set. Including your 5.5inch cutting scissor, 6inch precision scissor, 7inch barbering scissor and of course the 6inch rainbow thinning scissor, its that easy to upgrade all at once!


Making it the obvious choice for us here at Scissor Tech to supply you with the best quality steel on your new shears, we have a huge range to suit any budget guaranteed to be always made with nothing but the best high quality Aichi Steel. Nothing leaves our warehouse without making sure it’s the best quality which is what every hairdresser/barber needs and wants for their career to make the perfect cut time and time again.

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