Shears Maintenance

Why is it important to clean my shears?

Shears should be cleaned at the end of each day, before they are put in their case for the night. Chemicals used in certain hairstyles can dull your blades, while hair and dirt left on scissors can cause rusting and pitting.

Clean your shears with a damp towel or wash cloth. At least once a week, you should oil your scissors at the pivot point.

On average, how often should my shears be serviced?

We recommend having any shears that you use on a regular basis serviced at least once a year. They need to be cleaned, set and balanced, even if they are still sharp.

Always use a qualified sharpener, because your expensive scissors can be ruined.

How long should my shears last?

If you choose your shears carefully and care for them properly, they will serve you in comfort for many years.

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