Best Professional Barbering Scissors in Canada

July 26, 2020

Beauty is in the hand not the eyes of the beholder. No doubt the pair of scissors you hold are the ones you think are best. But if not, you need a new pair. Life is too short (or should we say the workday too long) not to have a comfortable pair of professional barber scissors.  

Any barber worth their salt does some research before investing in the next pair of barbering scissors. You want a mix of fine materials and intelligent design in barbering scissors you’ll use day in day out for many years. What’s ideal for one barber isn’t right for the next.   

Scissors Hair Salon & Barber Shop Quality

The market is full of professional scissors all claiming to be right for career hairdressers and barbers but they aren’t all of equal quality. 

What Are the Best Barber Scissors?

For many barbers, the best scissors comes down to the quality of the material. While design is also important, it’s the quality of the raw material. Scissor Tech chooses brands that use superior Japanese or German steel. The high quality product makes the scissors durable, sharp and lightweight so they achieve a perfect cut under the demanding conditions of a busy barbers shop or salon.

How Do I Choose Barber Scissors?

You can base your decision on a variety of parameters. With so much choice available now, it’s possible to find the right pair of shear scissors or cutting scissors if you know what you’re looking for. 

Scissor Size Matters 

In busy barbers shops it’s all about the numbers. You need to cut fast and get through the haircut as quick as possible to achieve the highest possible turnover of clients. One of the best methods for cutting fast is to use scissors with the longest blade possible. If speed is of the essence, choose the largest size scissors possible that you still give you the control you need. 

The finger holes should be large enough that your fingers can slide in and out of the handles without resistance that can cause sore spots on your fingers. However, the finger holes shouldn’t be so large that you don’t have control. Scissor Tech supplies finger inserts with all scissors purchased so you can get the perfect fit, no matter what size fingers you have.   

Type of Cuts

Barber shears often have a longer blade than hairdressing scissors. The blades need to be long enough to cut over the side of a barber’s comb whereas a hairdresser cutting along the index finger means the blade of hairdressing scissors doesn’t need to be as long. 

Left or Right Hande

Your dominant scissor hand makes a difference when it comes to buying scissors. Roughly ten percent of the population is left handed so we make sure we cater for all left handed barbers with an extensive range of left handed hairdressing and barbering scissors. All of the best brands now make left handed scissors including Matsui Scissors, Yasaka Shears and Sozu. 

Scissors Hair Salon & Barber Shop Quality At the Right Price 

It’s important that barbers and hairdressers have access to professional scissors at all stages of their careers. Previously, many apprentices were prevented from accessing good tools of the trade because they were cost prohibitive. Now there are brands dedicated to aspiring barbers and hairdressers. At Scissor Tech we believe the Sozu brand is the best one for apprentices because it has barbering scissors with a hand-made blade at the right price. For those wanting to reduce the risk of an injury early in their career, there’s the ergonomic barber scissors

Why Are Barber Scissors Expensive?

Like a good wine, you need to pay a little more to get a good pair of barber scissors. Luckily, your barber scissors are a far better investment. Just as you can work out the cost of a glass of fine wine, you can calculate the cost per use for your scissors by dividing the purchase price by the number of haircuts you expect to do over their lifetime. You’ll find the cost per use to be tiny. Even the best red wine won’t deliver such an impressive return on investment!

Barber scissors have a tough life, much tougher than hairdressing scissors. A barber opens and closes scissors far more often than hairdressers do. To counter all of this extra work, our barbering scissors are made from very high quality steel and have a bevel edge added to prolong their life. 

Buy Now Pay Later

To make your next pair of barber scissors even more palatable, there are payment plans available in our online store. Choose betweenSezzle orSplitit to smooth out the initial outlay.  

What Are The Benefits of Ergonomic Hairdressing Scissors?

Barbers and hairdressers have the dubious title of being some of the most at risk of hand and wrist injuries. Repetitive movements and awkward positions are mostly to blame. But using ergonomic hairdressing and barber scissors can reduce the risks. Try scissors with an offset handle so the thumb and finger remain in a more natural position while you cut for long hours. 

Swivel scissors are another option for experienced stylists. Swivel scissors allow you to rotate the thumb ring so you can position the shears in different angles while keeping the wrist and elbow in a neutral, natural position. 

Using good quality ergonomic scissors can make your work day more comfortable and keep you safe from serious injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome which can reduce the length of your career. 

Is There a Warranty if I Buy Barber Scissors Online?

Scissor Tech offers a lifetime warranty on all brands of barber scissors purchased online. We’re so confident in the quality of the product we choose to stock that we can offer a generous warranty which extends to the scissors’ colour fading. The warranty doesn’t cover re-sharpening or damage caused by dropping the scissors. 

But we go one further than just offering a generous warranty. We understand it might be hard to choose your new scissors online so we offer a seven-day return or exchange policy. If the scissors aren’t right for you, make contact with us to request a new pair or refund. You’re going to use your barber scissors for many years so they need them to be just right. 

Help in Choosing Your Barber Scissors

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for or you need some more information, don’t hesitate toreach out to one of our barbering experts at a Scissor Tech. We know our barbering range backwards and we’ll help you find the perfect pair of barber scissors. 

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