Do You Need A Pair Of Slide Cutting Shears

April 10, 2023

We know by now you have probably been considering investing in a pair of slide cutting hair shears. And we are here to tell you why these will be such a great addition to your collection of professional hair cutting shears. If you use slide cutting in your everyday life, slide cutting hair shears are a must!

What is Slide cutting?

Slide cutting is a cutting technique that has gained in popularity over the recent years. It is the best technique to use when blending hair extensions, or creating soft face framing layers. It is a great technique to remove weight and create softness throughout a cut.

Slide cutting can be performed on wet or dry hair. When done on wet hair it is more used for removing length as well as weight. When done on dry hair it is used just to blend hair and remove weight. Slide cutting involves lightly sliding your shear blades along the hair shaft and cuticle. Sliding the slightly open blades down the hair helps to push the hair to a point. If hoping to remove a little more length or weight you can slightly open and close your blades, never fully closing them!

Why you should use special slide cutting shears

It may seem like slide cutting can be done with just any old type of shears, and while yes you can do that, knowing your shears is important in achieving the best results.

Slide cutting shears are made with wider blades and super sharp convex blades. The curved blade comes into a very sharp edge known as a convex edge. A convex edge is a must for slide cutting. Due to its sharpness this blade will push the hair to a very sharp point without pulling or snagging the hair. Using the wrong edge or blade for slide cutting can damage your clients hair. Many scissors will have what is called a beveled edge. This edge is perfect for blunt lines but can cause issues when slide cutting, which is why it is so important you understand your hair cutting shears. When we texturize or cut dry hair we need to make sure we are using super sharp scissors, as there is no moisture in the hair to help keep the blades moving. Dry hair can easily be damaged by using the wrong scissors, or even the right scissor that needs a sharpening. It can also be very unpleasant for your client if you are not using the proper slide cutting scissors. Because you are sliding along the cuticle of the hair, slide cutting that is done wrong or with the wrong scissors can snap the hair and damage the cuticle. 

It is also important to know that slide cutting shears should only be used for slide cutting and other texturizing techniques. Using a sharp convex edge to blunt cut will not give you the desired results and is also not good for the shears. The convex blades will push the hair instead of cutting a straight line. You will also damage the convex edge, because it is such a super fine edge it is very sensitive , and blunt cutting can be a little more harsh on the blades then slide cutting. 

Having a separate pair of slide cutting shears in your tool kit also guarantees that they stay sharper longer. If you have an everyday pair of shears you use for everything, the amount of use they get will dull the blades quicker, and for slide cutting you need them to be sharp! So by having a separate pair of slide cutting shears you can guarantee you only use them for what they are supposed to be used for which will keep them sharper longer and prevent any damage to the edge. 

The Perfect pair

If you are on the hunt for the best pair of slide cutting scissors you have come to the right place. Our Matsui VG10 Slider is a must have for slide cutting. Made from premium VG10 Japanese Steel these scissors will keep their sharp edge longer providing you with smooth slide cutting every time. VG10 is very high quality steel that is hard and tough. Due to its strength the convex blade is a perfect fit. They are great for other cutting techniques as well, such as point cutting and slicing. These slide cutting scissors also come in two blade lengths, 5.5 or 6 Inches. So you get quality shears with maximum comfort and fit! 

If slide cutting is a part of your everyday life you can find our VG10 SlidersHERE. The Matsui VG10 Slider comes in Silver, Rose Gold or Matte black, professional shears that not only feel good but look good as well!

Now if you are slide cutting occasionally and not sure if you want to invest in a pair of slide cutting shears we have other options! Our Matsui Aichei Mountain Hair Shears are the perfect all rounder. The quality Aichei Steel guarantees sharp semi convex blades and the mountain blades help to push the hair to a sharp point. The semi- Convex edges mean these hair scissors can be used for man cutting techniques such as blunt cutting, point cutting and yes, even slide cutting. Unlike slide cutting shears the semi convex blades can cut blunt lines without it affecting the sharpness of the edge. They are versatile enough for dry cutting and even precision cutting. 

If you only slide cut occasionally, but want a pair of scissors that will do the job every time check out our Matsui Aichei Mountain Hair ShearsHERE. They come in silver, matte black and rose gold too!

It's time to slide...

into a pair of slide cutting shears! By now you have probably fully embraced the slide cutting shear and can not wait to get started ! We know you will love them as much as we do!

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