Hairdressing Scissor Handles Explained

April 25, 2019

When purchasing a pair of professional hairdressing scissors, you are not just investing in the quality of the tool. You are also investing your time, money and more importantly, your health. It is extremely important to find a pair of scissors that comes equipped with features that fulfil your requirements. One of the most important elements to consider when buying hairdressing scissors is the handle. Now, let’s explore the 3 types of handles you would usually find on a pair of scissors!

Offset Handle

An offset handle is a great feature to consider when purchasing your new tool. This type of handle is preferred by hairstylists who hold their scissors with their ring finger. The handle is made up of a thumb ring that is shorter than the finger ring. The difference in length between the two ring handles allow the users thumb to relax in its natural state. This limits awkward and unnatural hand positions when using the scissors. In turn, creating maximum productivity and efficiency in product

A short thumb handle also eliminates common health issues for hairdressers such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) due to its short thumb ring, which puts less tension on the thumb tendon. Most of our professional hairdressing scissors from the stunning Matsui collection feature a range of unique hairdressing tools. Indeed, the thinner scissors, texturizing scissors and swivel scissors are all made with an offset handle to provide more comfort.

Matsui Rose Gold VG10 Limited Edition Offset Triple Set – Scissor Tech

Crane Handle

A crane handle is very similar to an offset handle. The handle is also offset but the main difference is that while the offset handle requires a raised elbow position for most hair techniques, the crane handle is angled downwards. This means that the handle is not centered on the blade like the offset handle, which allows the elbow to drop in a natural position that puts less pressure on your thumb, shoulder and neck.
Crane handles are also widely recommended for hairdressers who are suffering from CTS or just generally want relief from sore hands that result from handling scissors all day. This innovative handle can be found on some of our ergonomic Matsui hairdressing scissors that are designed for maximum efficacy and maneuverability.

Matsui Ergo – Scissor Tech

Straight Handle

Straight or classic handles are the original handles you would find on older generation hairdressing scissors. This type of handle is designed for hairstylists who hold their scissors with their middle finger. The shape of both blades on the scissors are exactly the same and the rings align on top of each other. The design is great for some hairdressing techniques such as deep point cutting as the scissors ensure that the elbows are positioned higher. However, the handles can cause pain to your hands and cause CTS with prolonged usage.

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