How Expensive Are Hair Shears

March 19, 2023

You've probably come here because you're looking for new hair cutting scissors and are just overwhelmed by the choices and the prices! Hair shears can range in price from $30 to over $1000. Do you need to spend $1000 to get the best possible shear? Just how much are shears and why ? We are here to answer all your questions about your favorite hair cutting tools.

Cheap Hair Scissors

We would consider cheaper hair shears to be below the $100 mark. Hairdressing scissors that are usually this price range tend to be made from cheaper steel. On the lower end of steel you'll find steel that is made in Pakistan or India. If you're looking at pairs of shears closer to $100 they may be made in China from Chinese Steel. Chinese Steel is not the highest quality steel available but it is good enough to get the job done. These steels are softer and won't hold a sharp edge for very long. They may dull quickly resulting in pushing and pulling of hair.

Now cheap shears do have a place in the market. Some stylists prefer to cut hair with a fresh pair of hairdressing shears often, instead of getting them sharpened. So if you're more of the throw them away and get a new pair then a cheaper hair shear may be your best option. They are also a good option for someone just starting off in the professional hair stylist world.

If you're looking for cheaper hairdressing scissors that are good quality but also affordable we recommend having a look at our SOZU Essentials Cutting ScissorHERE. This cutting shear is on the higher side of the lower cost range at $179. It is a good quality shear, affordable and even made with steel that is quality enough to be sharpened.

Mid Range Hair Cutting Scissors

Hair cutting scissors that are priced to be mid range usually cost between $200-$600. You'll find most of these scissors are made from 440C Japanese Steel. While not the highest quality japanese steel this steel will still give you a good pair of hair scissors. This steel is durable and strong. You can sharpen a good edge into it. Most 440C Japanese brand scissors will have a semi convex or beveled edge. These edges are great for most cuts and easier to maintain.

If you're looking for good mid range hairdressing scissors our Matsui Aichei Mountain Range is for you. You can find themHERE. These hair cutting scissors are lightweight and sharp! You can use them for many different hair cutting techniques, even slide cutting and precision cuts. They are made from premium aichei japanese steel.

Expensive Hair cutting scissors

Any scissor that costs more than $600 would be considered more expensive. Expensive shears are most likely made from the highest quality japanese steel, like VG10, Damascus or Hitachi ATS 314. Cutting hair with a scissor like this can be quite the experience. They will stay sharper longer and cut hair so perfectly you will fall in love.

We recommend having a look at our Matsui VG10 RangeHERE. These scissors are reasonably priced while still delivering the best quality haircuts. The VG10 Slider is sharpened to a super sharp convex edge that is perfect for slide cutting and slicing through hair. We promise these scissors will not disappoint!

How to save money on hair cutting scissors!

We know you want the best quality shears you can find and we are here to help. The great thing about buying a pair of Matsui Shears is you are guaranteed a scissor made from the best materials. We keep our prices affordable for all by encouraging you to buy online from a reputable scissor company. We believe that all professional hairdressers deserve shears that make their cuts the best, and keep their hands and wrist comfortable for many years to come! Let us help you find your next favorite pair of shears!

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