Men's haircutting techniques: how to avoid common mistakes

January 26, 2022

Hairstyling is one of the most underrated facets of men’s personal grooming. Today, men’s haircutting/styling is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. This says why more and more men are taking the time to ensure their hair is groomed and looks sharp. 

Many different styles are available for the modern man, from deep side parts to short back and sides. The right haircut can give you a whole new look, almost knocking off ten years, and it's an easy way to change up your style. 

But unfortunately, some men make the mistake of following whatever trends they see in magazines or on TV shows like Mad Men. And that's when they end up looking ridiculous. 

With so many options out there, it can be hard to know which style will suit you best. However, no matter the situation with your hair, I'm sure a high-quality barber will have it straightened out, so you look even more dapper or at least make it look like you’re not wearing a dead animal on top of your head.


The tools for men's hairstyling

 Hairstyling is the process of changing a person's hairstyle or adding additional hair to alter or enhance their appearance. The options are broad and limitless. There are many techniques that you can use to achieve your desired hairstyle. 

They include cutting (with scissors or electric shears), colouring (using permanent dyes, semi-permanent colour, temporary colouring products, and henna), washing (shampooing, conditioning, and blow-drying), chemical processes (perming and straightening), among others.

The essential part of men's hairstyling is getting the right haircut for your face shape. No matter the shape of your face, there's a perfect style for you. It is vital that when cutting a man's hair, not only to make it look great but also to easily replicate it themselves at home with minimal fuss or expense! It will allow you to get the best look possible while using minimum effort with the available styling products.


What NOT to do when men's hairstyling

  • Applying too much product
  • The most common mistake men make with their hair is applying too much product, and it is much more common than you would think. Avoid over-application as it will cause your hair to look too heavy. Instead, start by using a pea-sized amount of product and work your way up to a full head of hair. The goal is to create a seamless transition from your lower half to the top of your head.

     Sideburns:Always trim your sideburns to 1/4 inch or less below your ear. You'll regret it later. Also, never cut your hair yourself; this is a common mistake among beginners, and it may result in a messy, unattractive appearance. 


    1. Using the wrong tools

    Make sure that the scissors are in balance. It is vital to ensure that you hold the scissors correctly and not let the blade touch your comb. Always confirm the scissor blade is at a 90-degree angle so that the comb is positioned underneath it. In other words, if you're cutting your hair by hand, it's best to stand on your right side.

     You can easily overdo a hairstyle by not using the right tools. But these tools are not enough to achieve a good haircut. 

    It isn't easy to style men's hair because it is different from women's. The most common mistake that most people make about men's hair styling is believing that the hairstyle has to be on point all the time.

    1. Not using men's hair styling products

    Some people have the misconception that pomade and gel are only for women. Well, this couldn't be further from the truth! You can use styling products in various ways to achieve different looks. For instance, if you want to style your hair in a classic pompadour style, you can use pomade on your hair when it's still wet.

    You could use a gel or a mousse in your hair for styling, and it will make it manageable and easy to comb through without the tangles. Also, ensure that you do not overdo it with the amount of product you add to your hair. 


    Investing in the right tools

    1. scissors/clippers/shears

    A quality clipper or scissors is essential. Use it for layering horizontal and vertical sections of hair. A good haircut should look fabulous no matter what kind of hair you have. A high-quality barber can make it look amazing, but you should also be aware of men's common mistakes when choosing a style. There are many different types of clippers and combs on the market. 

    1. Blowdryer

    When it comes to hairstyles for men, you should know how to use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. You should also avoid using bleach, which will make your hair look dirty and unhealthy. Try not to use heat on the roots. And avoid colouring your hair too dark. Similarly, please don't overdo it with highlights. A warm-coloured hairstyle will make your hair look dull.

    1. Comb

    Using a comb to cut hair is a popular mistake many men make. Unless your face is square or diamond-shaped, the undercut is the perfect cut for you. It would be best if you chose the length of your top, sides, and back carefully, as this will affect how you look on the outside. The back and sides are the essential part of an undercut, so choosing them carefully will create a harmonious look.

     Using a comb is the easiest way to check your hair's evenness. Depending on the length and partition of your hair, you can also use a comb to mask balding areas or widow's peak. Invest in good-quality hair clippers and combs.


    How to achieve different looks with men's hairstyling

     The key to creating different hairstyles for men is understanding what elements comprise the desired look. It includes hairstyle type, hair texture, facial features and personal grooming habits. You don't have to be a stylist or barber to achieve your desired look; many products are available that will help you create the perfect hairstyle with little effort.


    Conclusion: Many guys are trying out new hairstyles these days, and that's great! Men's hairstyling can be fun to express yourself and show off your personality when done right but done wrong. Well, that’s a whole different ball game and suggests a visit to the hat store might well be on the cards...

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