Swivel vs Non-swivel: Which is better?

September 04, 2023

Have you ever sat at the barber's chair, and they asked you, so what are we doing today? At which point you get all brave, but despite thinking for a minute or two! Your answer always sounds the same each time because you trust that the barber knows best, and so they should, as the best hairdresser, understands what their client likes and dislike. 

A good hairdresser understands that the right shears will make it easier to cut hair with precision and speed while at the same time offering the client care and comfort. Every hairdresser must have the right pair of shears at their disposal to deliver their best performance no matter the length of hair they are cutting.

 Size is everything, or so they say! The size of the blade of hair cutting shears is essential. Another thing that comes into play when talking about good quality shears is the swivel factor. As a hairdresser, professional or not, if you are looking for a great pair of hair shears, you need to know the difference between the swivel and non-swivel hair shears.

What does swivel or non-swivel mean?

Swivel vs non-swivel hair shears refers to a design feature that you'll find on the back of your hair cutting shears. The swivel is a ball and socket joint that allows the blades to turn. It lets you hold the shears in different positions, making it easier to cut at different angles, such as around the ears and neck.

Differences between swivel vs non-swivel hair shears

Swivel and non-swivel hair shears aren't the same, and it shows when you're trying to cut someone's hair. Here are the key points that you need to know:


Non-swivel shears will give you a more precise cut, but you can't use them for an entire haircut because your hand gets tired of holding the shear in one place for so long.

Swivel hair shears are the most popular type of hair cutting scissors. They are designed with a swivel joint that rotates the blades 360 degrees. It makes it easier for stylists to reach any angle, especially around the head, without repositioning the shears.


The main difference between the swivel and non-swivel hair shears is that the swivel ones are more flexible. Because of this flexibility, they are easier to hold, making it less complicated for you to get your hair the way you want it. Non-swivel hair cutting scissors are made with a fixed joint or no joint at all. It makes it difficult to rotate the blades, making certain hairstyles more challenging.


The money factor is just as important when choosing between the two. The non-swivel shears are generally more expensive, but they also last longer than swivel shears. 


Benefits of swivel hair shears

A swivel shear is very similar to a standard pair of scissors, except they have a pivot point that lets the blades separate while you're cutting. It allows you to cut around curves with ease. Swivel hair shears are used on curly or wavy hair to prevent snags and cuts. Also, they are used to create texture on the ends of straight hair.

Swivel hair shears are a versatile grooming tool. They have a curved blade that allows the groomer to cut around the body while keeping a close line. Having a swivel pair of hair shears can help you save time, improve your skills and better serve your clients.


Benefits of non-swivel hair shears

There are two main types of non-swivel hair shears. 

  1. The straight handle shear, which is so-called because it has a straight handle. 
  2. The offset handle shear has an offset handle that curves outwards at the top.


Most hairstylists choose non-swivel shears, but a few are still loyal to the swivel type. Let's talk about the benefits of non-swivel hair shears. The first thing to note is that they're more durable than swivel shears. The offset handle shear gives extra comfort to the user because the blade moves away from the palm.


So between swivel vs non-swivel hair shears: Which is better? 

For most hairstylists, deciding which type of shears to get comes down to comfort and safety. Here are some facts you may want to consider:


The Good: Swivel-head shears are easier to use and can be used for any haircut. They also have a smaller head, making them less awkward to work.

The Bad: Swivel-heads tend to be very heavy and not great for high-volume cutting than non-swivel shears.

The Verdict: If you're looking to buy shears for general hair cutting, you should go with non-swivel shears. The reason is that if you are cutting long hair, the entire shear head will move as you cut around curves. If you cut into an angle that is too tight, you can cause undue stress on the blades of your shears. 


Swivel hair shears are becoming more popular due to their ease of use, and flexibility in cutting through thicker hair. No matter the situation called for, whether swivel or non-swivel your phd-professional hairdresser would straighten it out for you!

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