The Correct Way To Clean Your Hair Shears

April 10, 2024

As a hairdresser you spend a big part of your day educating your clients on how to care for their hair, which they have invested a lot of money in. Well, we highly recommend taking the time to learn how to care for your big investment.. your professional hair cutting scissors. 

Here at Scissor Tech we want your scissors to last for as long as possible, and that starts with purchasing a quality pair of scissors and taking the best care of them! We have got you covered in everything: hair cutting scissors and maintenance.

Cleaning scissors between clients

Build up of hair, products, debris and dirt can be bad for your sharp scissor blades. Leaving any of these things on your blades can cause them to dull quickly, or worse damage your blades.

Keeping your scissors clean between clients also protects your client. No one wants to share their hair fragments with someone else. This is why it is so important to wipe the blades clean after every haircut.

Always make sure to hold your haircutting shears with the tips pointing away from you and of course, be careful of those sharp cutting edges!

To properly clean your scissors use a soft cloth to gently wipe your blades. Making sure to remove any hair left behind. Open and close your hair cutting scissors to help move any extra hair fragments around.

Often tiny pieces of hair can get stuck in the pivot point of your haircutting shears. The pivot point is where the two blades meet at the tension screw. To remove those little pieces of hair you can use a small brush to get in the tight space and effectively clean away any left behind hair.

Cleaning your scissors everyday

Your hair cutting scissors will require a deeper, more regular cleaning, everyday. To guarantee you get all the hair and dirt off your blades, use warm water to rinse your scissor blades.

Making sure you dry your blades after is important as well. Having water sit on your scissor blades can lead to rust and corrosion.

Some hairdressers and barbers prefer to use more harsh chemicals to clean their hair cutting shears. Often barbicide or rubbing alcohol is used. These chemicals may make your scissors clean but can also cause the blades to corrode quicker.

If you give your scissors a proper cleaning everyday, by wiping your scissor blades with a clean cloth between every haircut at least once a day there is no need for harsh chemicals.

Oiling your scissors

Everyday applications of scissor oil are a must ! We recommend doing this at least once a day, at the end of your day. We know you have had a busy day and this step is an easy one to skip, but keeping your cutting tools properly oiled will help prevent your blades from dulling over time.

Using your small oil pen ( yes of course we include one with your new scissors!) place a few drops of shear oil at the pivot point. Open and close your hair cutting blades to disperse the oil. Oiling your hair scissors will not only remove any left behind hair or debris but it will help reduce friction which can wear at the blades.

After moving the oil around, use your cleaning cloth to wipe the scissor blade and remove any excess oil. Leaving shear oil to sit on your blades can leave your blades slippery, making your next haircut a bit difficult.

Check your tension!

Now that you have clean hair cutting scissors the next important step is to check the tension of your hair shears and make sure they are functioning correctly. If your shears are too tight this may cause damage to your cutting edge. If the tension is too loose this can cause hand fatigue and less than perfect haircuts.

To check your tension, hold shears by their handle with the blade tips pointing up. Lift your thumb ring all the way, until your blades are completely open. Now drop the thumb ring!

If you thumb ring falls completely closed, your shears are too loose. If the thumb ring stays up from 45 degrees or above your shears are too tight. The right tension should have your thumb ring sitting between 20 and 45 degrees.

Adjusting your tension

You may have noticed by now that screw where your two blades meet. This screw may be a raised screw or a flat screw. If it is raised this means that you can simply turn the screw with your fingers. If the screw is flat, you will need a tension adjuster key to adjust it.

Simply turn the screw, or use your key to turn the screw, and adjust the tension. Always be sure not to over tighten or loosen your hair scissors.

Keep your hair shears safe!

Now you have spent all this time making sure your hairdressing scissors are very clean and feeling good! Let's keep them that way.

Making sure to properly store your shears safely away will help prevent any accidental bumps or bruises. Leaving your hair scissors sitting on your station may lead to them ending up on the floor! And believe us... no one wants that. Dropping your shears on the floor or even placing them down too hard on the top of a hard surface can misalign them, or even worse, damage your blades. So keeping them safe is a must!

Your scissors arrive in a soft protective case. Use this case often! There should be individual spots to hold your hair cutting tools. Each one should fit a scissor and have a secure snap to make sure they stay safely in one spot. A scissor case is a great place to store your haircutting shears but also make it easy for you to take them with you without the fear of them being damaged.

Keep your scissors in Tip top shape!

Now that you know the ins and outs of cleaning your shears and proper shear maintenance, it is time for you to cut hair!

Maintaining your shears not only makes them last longer, but guarantees their best performance, making sure you deliver the best haircuts every time!

Hopefully this blog post has answered all your scissor care questions, but if you have any more, don't hesitate to ask ! We are always here to answer your shear questions.

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