Top 3 Hairdressing Tools to Help You Achieve Amazing Haircuts

May 03, 2019

Producing a beautiful haircut every time is an art that takes a long time to master. You’ll need a lot of practice, experience, technique and of course, the right tools for the job. While you may need some time to get your cutting technique down pat, you can speed up the process with amazing hairdressing tools that will fast-track your ability to create amazing haircuts. Check out our top 3 recommended hairdressing tools that you need to help you become an incredible hairstylist!

The Perfect Cutter

A hairdressing scissor is the most basic tool when it comes to cutting hair. However, there are many components of the tool that you need to take into consideration when cutting hair to achieve professional results. You’ll need to make sure that your blades are extremely sharp and to choose a length that is right for your hands.

We understand that no two hairdressers are the same. We recognize the differing haircutting techniques and hand movements that each hairstylist has. We aim to cater to them by offering a range of professional hairdressing scissors that are available with many features such as swivel scissors, thinner scissors, texturizing scissors left-handed scissors. These powerful cutting tools also come in varying lengths to help you find the perfect pair.

Matsui Swivel Triple Set – Scissor Tech

A Thinner/Texturizing Scissor

One of the biggest issues that hairdressers face in a fast-paced salon is not having enough time to fully focus on a customer and their hair. Busy salons tend to be filled with hairstylists that are required to be working on a few heads at the same time. In a demanding environment like this, it is vital that you master your haircutting techniques and ensure that every aspect of your work is efficient and as timely as possible.

This is where a thinner scissor comes in. When clients with thick and voluminous hair walk into the salon, you need the best tools to thin out hair as fast as you can while also having maximum control. Using a thinner will help you thin off large chunks of hair in a short amount of time. We sell thinner scissors with different numbers of notches on the blades so that you can control how much hair you cut off with each snip.

Matsui Matte Black Offset Thinner – Scissor Tech

A Sharp Razor

Modern hairstyles these days incorporate thin hairs, whether it be wispy bangs or a layered haircut. Using a sharp razor will add extra texture to the hair while giving it that choppy look that is always in fashion. It is important for the razor to be sharp and easy to handle as dull blades can snag hair strands and cause damage such as split ends.

If you’re looking for a sharp barbering razor, why not check out Scissor Tech’s massive collection of premium razors? We offer razors that are made with superior blades, which will last you a long time between each sharpening service. Our razors provide a smooth cut efficiently and won’t damage the hair as the blade glides over hair strands seamlessly. Protecting your client’s hair from such hair damage will also help you achieve amazing haircuts every single time!


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