What Are Hair Shears Needed For

August 07, 2023

Well we are sure if you have come here you know the short answer to this - Hair shears are used to cut hair ! However, the long answer is there are so many different hair cutting shears and each has their own unique purpose. Don't worry we are always here to help explain everything Scissors and shears !


Different Types Of Hairdressing Scissors and Shears

Precision Scissors

Our Matsui Precision Scissor Range is perfect for.. you guessed it precision cuts. The sleek narrow tipped blade makes cutting dramatic lines and angles a breeze. These professional hairdressing scissors are a must have for detailed work. They are lightweight and have an offset handle for a more natural grip that will help prevent hand fatigue and injury. Made from the best Hitachi Japanese steel, these shears have a sharp edge that will make cutting even thick or coarse hair a breeze. 

Aichei Mountain Scissors

Our Matsui Aichei Mountain Range are our best all rounder hair cutting scissors. Made from Aichei Japanese high quality stainless steel, they are designed to last. The mountain blade helps to push hair to a sharp point, making them the perfect hair scissors for point cutting, feathering and even slide cutting. Because they are designed to stay sharper for longer these one of a kind hair cutting scissors guarantee no pushing or pulling when sliding or slicing.


Our Matsui VG10 Offset Shears are some of the best high quality hair cutting scissors out there. Made from our highest grade VG10 Japanese steel, these scissors are perfect for all haircutting techniques. They are strong enough to stay sharp for all blunt cutting techniques but also have a sharp, fine cutting edge that will make slide cutting a dream. They also come in aVG10 Sword that has a wider blade, for even more added cutting power. Since they are made from the hardest and strongest japanese steel they are extremely durable and built to last.

VG10 Slider

If you are an extension specialist then a VG10 Slider is a must. These professional scissors are designed to give you better control and comfort when slide cutting hair. Unlike a regular pair of scissors their blade is designed to push the hair to a very sharp point. The offset handle is great for preventing wrist pain.

Swivel scissors

Here at Scissor Tech we have a large range of swivel scissors. Some may say these are the best professional scissors you can use, as they are designed to follow your natural hand movements, preventing hand and wrist injuries. Unlike traditional scissors these modern hairdressing scissors have a rotating thumb ring. The thumb ring is designed to rotate 180 degrees so that your thumb and hand is always in its most comfortable and natural hand position. Once you use this swiveling thumb ring you may never go back !

Barber scissors and shears

What makes barber scissors different from your regular hairdressing scissors? The blades! Most barber scissors will have at least a 7 Inch blade. This length is perfect for all blunt cutting techniques. Unlike short bladed cutting scissors, longer shears or barbering scissors are perfect for cutting larger sections and straight cutting lines. Barbers use a cutting technique called scissor over comb. This technique involves lifting the hair in sections with a comb and cutting a section. Longer blades will ensure you can cut a whole section, quickly and with precision. They are also great to use for cutting thick hair and super straight, perfect bobs. So yes, that means these shears are not just for barbers! Some barbering scissors will feature micro serrated edges and beveled blades. The beveled blade is sharp but has a wider surface which is helpful in cutting lines because it helps to keep the hair on the blade. Micro serrated edges are tiny little lines cut into the blade. These cuts also help to hold the hair in place when blunt cutting. To say these are the perfect blunt cutting scissors is an understatement !

Thinning shears

The thinning shear is one of our most important hairdressing tools. Thinning shears have one straight blade and one blade with multiple teeth. Thinning shears have between 25- 40 teeth. The more teeth they have the more hair they remove, without taking away length. Thinning shears can be used for many cutting techniques. Hair thinning shears can soften lines made from blunt cutting, they can add texture and moment, blend layers and of course remove weight. Thinning shears are also called blending shears or finishing shears as they are perfect for adding the final touches to a haircut, on blow dried hair. 

Texturizing shears

Texturizing shears are similar in design to thinning shears however with less teeth. They usually range in size from 7-25 teeth. Our Matsui 14 tooth thinner is the perfect size for a texturizing shear. The widely spaced teeth add a chunky texture to a haircut, hence the nickname chunking shears. This chunky texture is great for short hair- think super textured pixie cut, or men's cut with very messy texture on top. Texturizing shears are not for the faint of heart, or for texturizing fine hair ! However, they are perfect for thicker hair.

Different Lengths

Hair scissors come in many different lengths and blades/ edges and each have their own purpose.

  • Short bladed cutting scissors

These short scissors are usually 4.5 inches or 5 inches. They are great hairdressing scissors for those who spend a lot of time doing mens scissor cuts or pixie cuts. The smaller blade makes it easier to add detail to the neckline and around the ears.

  • Long Bladed Hair Scissors

As we mentioned earlier, long blades are not only perfect for barbering scissors but they are great for blunt cutting. The long blade gives you more control and less room for error when cutting bobs.

Different Edges

Hairdressing scissors also come in a variety of edges.

  • Convex Edge

The convex edge blade is what you will find on slide cutting shears. This super sharp, fine edge is perfect for creating that smooth finish. However this edge is very sensitive and not recommended for blunt cutting.

  • Semi Convex Edge

This is the perfect edge for slide cutting, blunt cutting, texturizing etc. It is not as fine as the sharper convex edge but can still cut through hair like butter

  • Beveled Edge
    We mentioned this edge on our barber scissors because that is where it is most popular. However this edge is also a great all rounder. It is a work horse and perfect for most techniques however not recommended for slide cutting or slicing hair.

So many shears....

so little time. We hope that this has helped to break down which shear you are needing in your life. However, if you have any more questions, our team, which includes many hairdressers, is always here to help!

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