What Is The Most Expensive Part Of A Hair Shear

February 26, 2023

As you probably have realized by now, hair shears can be expensive! Professional shears cost anywhere from $100 to $1000 or more ! What exactly makes your shears so expensive? We're here to break it down for you!

The Steel

Professional hair cutting shears are made from high quality steel. The two best steels used in hair cutting shears are Japanese steel and German steel. Both of these countries are known for their scissors and quality steel.

  • Japanese steel- Japan has always been the world leader in steel and quality hair cutting shears. If you're buying a pair of hair shears made from japanese steel they are guaranteed to be more expensive hairdressing scissors. The base level steel for most Japanese shears is 440C Steel. This steel is strong and hard, but with the most reasonable price tag. The top quality steel you will find most expensive hairdressing scissors are made from is Hitachi ATS 314 and VG10 Steel. Japanese stainless steel is the hardest steel around. They will stay razor sharp for longer and are worth the extra money.
  • German steel- While Japan has led the way with steel , Germany has made a name for itself in the scissor world. The steel is known for its toughness and style. MC Micro carbide steel is their highest quality steel. While Molybdenum Steel is more mid range, but still durable and anti corrosive. German scissors are known for their durability and European style. 

The Blades

Another part of your hair cutting scissors that adds to the price tag is the blade or the edge that you want. There are three main options that most hairdressers prefer.

  • Convex edge- You will find this razor sharp blade edge on most japanese shears. It should only be sharpened into the best steel to help maintain its fine, perfect edge. The convex blade is perfect for slide cutting, point cutting and other advanced cutting techniques. It is not recommended to use convex edge shears for blunt cutting as it is very sensitive and will dull quickly if not used correctly.
  • Semi convex edge- This edge is most commonly used. These sharp blades are a great all rounder. It is less sensitive then a true convex edge and will be found on mid range scissors to high end scissors. Hair shears with this edge guarantee a precise cut every time.
  • Bevelled Edge- This is known as the German edge. German blades tend to have less of a fine, super sharp edge and more of a power horse of a blade. The beveled edge shears are also commonly known as barber shears. It is perfect for blunt cutting and scissor over comb. The beveled edge helps to keep the hair on the blade as opposed to a sharper, finer edge which can push the hair to a sharp point. This also means that the edge will last longer if used correctly. It is important to note that this edge may not be best for slide or slice cutting hair.

If you're looking for quality scissors...

you may need to spend extra money to get them. A pair of scissors made from inferior quality materials may become blunt quickly and not perform as well as more expensive shears. Cheap hair shears can dull quickly and damage a client's hair. 

However, this is why here at Scissor tech we believe in giving you the best hairdressing shears, made from high quality materials and high quality craftsmanship, for an affordable price tag. Our Matsui shears are made from Japanese steel that ranges from 440C to VG10. Have a look at our very popular, high quality, affordable Matsui shearsHERE.

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