What Length Shears Should I Purchase

March 27, 2023

So you're considering purchasing your next pair of hair cutting shears but can't decide which pair to choose. Well you have come to the right place. We can help you decide which pair of professional hairdressing scissors is best for you now!

Most hairdressers used to choose scissors based on the size of their hands. We would measure the scissor from the palm of your hand to the tip of your middle finger. This was meant to make sure you were using a scissor that fit in your hand correctly. While this is still a great way to pick a scissor... times have changed! Using the correct length shear for the technique you are doing and look you are trying to achieve can make a huge difference in your haircuts. Let's have a look at what shear you need based on your cutting !

Your Everyday Hairdressing shears

Most stylists already have their everyday hairdressing shears that they favor. Whether they're the ones your school gave to student hairdressers, or the hair cutting shears you purchased on your first day on the floor, these are your loyal companions.

Most everyday shears will be 5.5 Inches or 6 Inches. These are the most versatile and used length. They can be used for any hairdressing techniques you want. If you're looking for the perfect everyday hair cutting scissors check out our MATSUI Aichei Mountain hair shearsHERE. This scissor is made from Aichei Japanese steel so it can hold a sharp edge for longer. The semi convex edge blades are great for texturizing, slide cutting and blunt cutting. The offset handle is great for added comfort and prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is important that your everyday scissor handles are an ergonomic handle as you will be using them the most. Ergonomic handles will keep your wrists and hands safe for many years.

It is also important to note that your texturizing shears and thinning shears will most likely be 5.5 inch or 6 inch as well. This is to give you maximum control and comfort when using these types of scissors.

But what if we told you, other length hairdressing scissors definitely have a place in your scissor case! And we are here to show you which ones you need, based on the different cutting techniques you use on a regular basis.

Short scissors

Shorter scissors are a bit harder to find. When we say a short scissor or shear we mean one that is 4.5 inches or 5 inches. Hair cutting shears like theseYASAKA Scissors come in sizes from 5 Inch, 5.5 Inch and 6 inches. These scissors have offset handles for added comfort.

We think short scissors are great for a lot of detail work. If you spend a large part of your day cutting short hair, think pixie cuts and mens styled cuts, choosing scissors that are shorter in size may help you. Short, narrow tipped scissors are great for cutting in tiny details around ears and the neckline. If you're doing small point cutting to give the outline texture you will have more control cutting hair with shorter professional shears. You will have more control when doing smaller point cutting in an all over men's scissor cut. This will help give your This size hair scissors are also great for those with smaller hands that find they cut their knuckles a lot when deep point cutting.

Longer scissors or shears

Longer hair cutting scissors range in size from 6 inches to 8 inches. They are commonly known as barber scissors, because they are a great size for barbering techniques such as scissor over comb. Scissor over comb involves cutting hair by sections using your comb to lift the hair. Having a longer scissor gives you more control and the ability to take larger sections. This is great for adding speed and accuracy to your cuts.

Longer shears are great for other hair cutting techniques as well. They can really up your blunt cutting game. Long hair scissors are great for cutting bobs. The less times you have to open and close your scissors the less margin of error. Longer blades also allow you to cut on the skin with more precision and control. Of course longer hair cutting scissors aren't for everyone. A hair stylist with smaller hands may struggle with the length and weight of a longer shear.

So which hair shears will you choose?

Hopefully now you have a better idea of which shears would help make your day to day life behind the chair a little easier. Here at Scissor Tech we have a large selection of shears from short to long, a convex edge blade to a beveled blade and everything in between. If you would like more information on choosing your next pair of hairdressing scissors, reach out to our customer service team! We are always here for you and your shear needs!

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