What Professional Hairdressing Scissors Can I Buy Online?

July 20, 2020

Online shopping has never been so appealing as it is right now. From the comfort and safety of your own home you can buy almost anything you want and have it delivered to your front door..while you’re in your pyjamas watching Netflix.

We’re here to answer the most common questions about what to consider before you buy hairdressing scissors online.

But What Hairdressing Scissors Can I Buy Online?

You’re no doubt wondering if you can see the full range online or do you need to change into clothes and drive to see all kinds of hair scissors. We’re happy to report you can find every kind of hairdressing scissors online and there’s no need to leave home. But we understand buying a pair of professional scissors can be a big investment so you want to do your research before you buy.

There are a lot of scissors out there that claim to be high quality but they’re not even close to being suitable for a professional hairdresser. Hair salons and barbers shops are demanding environments for your scissors with all the cutting and continued contact with water and chemicals. You can’t expect a pair of inferior scissors to stay sharp, corrosion free and easy to use in a commercial setting. Leave those scissors to people attempting home haircuts or trimming the dog!

How to Choose the Best Hairdressing Scissor to Buy?

Not all brands of scissors have much online information so if you can’t find what you need, reach out to the seller and ask questions. Ask what material the scissors are made from and its origin. The best quality steel for making scissors is Japanese and German because they’re lightweight, keep a sharp blade edge for longer and are more durable.    

Is There a Warranty for my Hairdressing Scissors if I Buy Online?

The warranty (or lack of) can give you another idea of quality. If the online shop isn’t willing to provide a reasonable warranty, chances are they don’t trust the quality of their stock. A warranty tells a shopper that the store stands by the products it sells.   

Exchange and Return

If you think it’s more difficult to order the right professional hairdressing scissors than it is placing the weekly groceries online, you’re right. Chances are you’ve already tried the cereal and you know the quality of the biscuits you buy online, but with hairdressing scissors you mightn’t have tried them before or even be familiar with the brand name. 

Hairdressing scissors need to tick all the boxes when they arrive:

  • comfortable, easy to use
  • well balanced handle and blade
  • the right size
  • a good weight
  • the right colour    
  • ideal handle configuration

It shouldn’t be all risk with no return when you buy professional scissors online. If there is something you’re not happy about, you should be able to return them for an exchange or refund.

Can I Buy Hairdressing Kits Online?

Yes, most professional brands of hairdressing scissors offer individual scissors and hairdressing kits online. A kit means you will have a matching set that works well together. The kits may contain multiple cutting scissors in different sizes and thinner combos that meet all your hairdressing requirements.  When you buy a kit, you can usually save a lot of money.

What Hairdressing Scissors are Available Online at Scissor Tech?

We’re confident that every hairdresser and barber can find the right scissors or shears in our store. Check out the range if you don’t believe us.


By far one of the best brands in the hairdressing scissors world, Matsui has a pair of scissors that will suit you.

Matsui Aichei Mountain Offset Scissor

Choose between the 5.5  or 6 inch mountain cutting scissor made from premium Japanese steel. The tension system gives an extra smooth feel to the scissors.   

Matsui Matte Black Aichei Mountain Offset Shear

If classic black is your go-to colour, you’ll enjoy using this pair of offset shears that bring the thumb into a natural position for cutting. The cobalt infused steel means the blade stays sharper for longer. Available in 5.5 or 6 inch sizes.  

Matsui Mountain Rose Gold Triple Set

If you like your scissors to be part of a matching set, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful rose gold set. With two different sized mountain blade sheers and a thinning shear, you’ll be set for years of haircutting.

Matsui Rose Gold VG10 Offset Shear

If you’re wanting to take a step up from Matsui’s mountain range, there’s the VG10 shears. Made from an even higher quality, lighter weight, cobalt-infused VG10 steel, the offset shears are available in 5.5 and 6 inch sizes.  

Matsui Matte Black VG10 Offset Shear

These elegant black shears are perfect for slide and blunt cutting with thefine razor sharp cutting edge staying sharper for longer.  Available in 5.5 and 6 inch sizes.

2020 Matsui Damascus Offset Scissor

Matsui’s Damascus range is made from 17 layers of premium Damascus Japanese steel. Available in two sizes, these offset scissors are the perfect all-rounder that stays sharp for longer.  


The Sozu brand fills the gap in the market where apprentice hairdressers need professional scissors without the high price tag.  

Sozu Essentials Oriental Ergonomic Scissor Thinner Combo

An ergonomic cutting scissor with a 27 tooth thinning scissor, this is an elegant set that will see you cutting throughout your apprenticeship and beyond.

Sozu Essentials Pink Rainbow Cutting Scissor

An ergonomic scissor with a hand-made blade and spare plastic inserts for a comfortable fit.   

Sozu Essentials Black Diamond Scissor Thinner Combo

If you need more than one pair of scissors to get you started, there’s the cutting scissors with a hand-made blade and 27 tooth thinning scissors. The matte black design with a delicate touch of bling is sure to make you smile for many years.


Yasaka is another quality brand with scissors and shears made from high purity steel from Japan. With qualities that include excellent hardness, abrasion and corrosion resistance, you won’t be disappointed.

Yasaka Offset Handle

Ideal for slicing and point cutting, these are a lightweight shear with an offset handle to reduce the risk of an RSI or carpal tunnel. Available in multiple sizes.

Where to Buy Hair Scissors

At Scissor Tech, our customer service is second to none. If you need help to buy hair shears, barber scissors or cutting scissors that will suit you just right, get in touch and let one of our experts know your requirements. We’ll give you our recommendations and let you choose.

Remember, every pair of scissors you buy from Scissors Tech comes with our seven day return and refund policy. If for any reason the scissors aren’t quite right, you can exchange them for another pair or ask for a refund.  

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