Why You Should Invest in A Quality Pair of Shears

May 06, 2019

We get it. Hairdressing supplies are super expensive, especially if you’re a new hairstylist. You browse through your local hair supply shop or online and you wonder why this pair of professional hairdressing scissors that you had your eye on is so pricey.

Then your eyes land on another pair of shears that are much cheaper and look like it will get the job done. What’s the difference anyway? They are just scissors, it should work the same, right? Well, we’re here to answer your questions, and help you make an informed decision on whether expensive shears are worth the investment!

Matsui Matte Black Precision Triple Set – Scissor Tech

The Difference in The Workmanship

This might be the most obvious thing to look out for when comparing a pair of cheap and expensive cutters. You will be able to tell the difference in quality between cheap scissors that are usually machine made, and expensive shears which are carefully hand-crafted by professionals. Poorly designed tools will not only require more effort when cutting hair but can also be difficult to hone.

We understand the impact of poorly crafted cutters and aim to avoid this by creating shears that are made with the highest quality Japanese stainless-steel, which allows for smoother and more precise haircuts. Whether you’re looking for traditional cutters, texturizing scissors or thinner scissors, we have you covered!

Your Scissors Are Here to Stay

We all know that a hairdresser’s best friend is a pair of great quality shears because scissors are used for almost every hair appointment. With such constant usage, cheaply made cutters are bound to breakdown much more quickly due to its poor material.

In fact, you would probably end up spending more on cheap cutters than you would for a good-quality pair of shears that will last you for many years. Worried about forking out your hard-earned money for an expensive pair of shears that may not be the best quality? All our scissors meet the highest standards for hairdressing tools so you can rest assured knowing that you can rely on it for years to come!

Matsui Precision Rose Gold Cutting Scissor - Scissor Tech

Impact on Your Health

You may not think that using a pair of shears can have negative impacts on your health, but with frequent usage, poorly designed scissors may end up straining your wrists. High-quality cutters are carefully made with design elements such as asymmetric and offset handles to improve the usability for everyday usage.

As hairdressers always require their hands to be in the best shape, it is highly recommended that your health should be considered as the number one factor when deciding which cutters to buy. We offer a curated collection of ergonomic shears that are created with these design elements in mind. Try our swivel scissorsthat rotate 360 degrees and left-handed scissors that provide a comfortable grip.


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