Why You Shouldn't Buy Hair Shears From A Chemist

May 07, 2023

While searching for the perfect pair of hair cutting scissors we are sure you have looked everywhere! It is a big decision. It is important to know where your scissors come from and invest in a quality pair, not just the ones you find at the chemist or any old shop. We know the options are endless, and we are here to teach you all about choosing the best hair scissors for you !

Handle design

First up is the handle design. If you buy hair cutting scissors from just any old shop you may not be getting the best handle for you, and while it may not seem like a big deal, we promise, Hairdressers! Your handles matter!

Professional hair scissors spend a lot of time emphasizing the importance of ergonomic scissor handles, and for good reason. As a hairdresser your hands and wrists are your most prized possession. Unfortunately hairdressers can be plagued with all sorts of wrist pain and injury. A common complaint amongst hairdressers is carpal tunnel syndrome or other Repetitive strain injuries. These problems can lead to hand numbness, weakness, pain and in serious cases, surgery. Professional hairdressers need to protect their wrists!

This is where the scissor handle comes into play. How you hold your hair cutting shears can make all the difference. Most everyday regular scissors, like kitchen scissors have basic handles, you can hold them however you feel comfortable. Hairdressing scissors over the years have veered away from a classic handle. This handle caused wrist pain. You will find the most common handle amongst hairdressing shears is the offset handle. This ergonomic design helps to bring your thumb into a more natural position, relieving strain.

If you're buying hairdressing scissors from a reputable company you may come across a few different handle options. There is the offset handle, but you will also come across the crane handle. A crane handle drops your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulders into their most natural position. To properly cut with this handle your elbow needs to be down at your side, taking a lot of pressure off your body. 

You may also come across swivel scissors. These hairdressing scissors are designed to keep your hand in its most natural position at all times. The thumb ring swivels around 180 degrees, ensuring it is never far away from its most comfortable and natural position. 


The type of steel used to make your scissors is very important. If you are spending money on shears you want to make sure they cut well and last a long time. This all comes down to the steel. Cheap materials, usually from places like India or Pakistan generally make for a cheap scissor. These scissors will not cut hair well, and can damage your clients hair. They also will not hold a sharper edge which means these scissors will dull quickly. Dull scissors won't cut hair straight, they will push the hair as you cut which can cause uneven ends, and not so great cuts.

Japanese steel is most commonly among high quality hair cutting scissors. This steel is strong and designed to give you sharp edges. Sharp blades are important for most cutting techniques. Point cutting, slide cutting and even blunt cutting require sharp blades. Japanese scissors are made from steel that will stay sharp and make cutting hair a breeze!

Your Blades

When buying a pair of hair shears you will want to know what kind of blade you are getting. We can guarantee just picking up any old scissors at the chemist won't get you the best blade for cutting hair. A super sharp blade is important. Cutting hair with dull scissors or even the wrong blade can be uncomfortable and damaging to your clients hair. Using dull shears can push, pull and bend hair, causing split ends. This is why we recommend buying hair shears from someone who knows their blades.

We mentioned Japanese steel and shears, well there are also Japanese blades and edges . This is known as the convex edge. This blade comes to a super fine, thin edge that slices through hair like butter. It is a must have for point cutting, precision cutting and advanced texturizing techniques. High quality Japanese shears are known for their super sharp convex edges.

There are two other types of blades that are popular for professional hair shears. The semi convex and the beveled. Semi Convex is not as fine of a point as the convex so can be used for more blunt cutting techniques. Beveled edges can be found on German hair shears and is are a tough, all rounder. They are great for professional barbers and hairstylists alike.

Knowing your tools....

is a very important part of being a hairdresser. You want to make sure when you're in the salon you are giving the best haircut you can give, every time. A reputable scissor company will guarantee to deliver high quality salon scissors every time. It is also important to buy your scissors from someone who knows all about them! Here at scissor tech we take pride in our customer service, who are always there to answer any question you may have about professional scissors ! 

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